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Dungeons of Dekkom is a tabletop roleplaying game focused around dungeon crawling, fighting monsters, and collecting treasure in a classical fantasy world. It’s inspired by the classics of RPG history, but updated with more modern mechanics and sensibilities. It’s a light game – deep, serious emotions aren’t the goal, compared to a good romp ripping through undead with nail-biting combat. The focus is on beer and pretzel style gaming. 

Unlike many other roleplaying games, in Dungeons of Dekkom, players are expected to switch characters often – as a group, they control a guild, which has a roster larger than the number of actual players. Between adventures, characters need time to rest, and so get switched out - no character “belongs” to one player, and any player can play as any character. Managing the guild is part of the play experience, including recruiting new characters to play as, building an armory of magical items, and upgrading your guild’s facilities. The fast character creation and guild mechanics also make the game ideal for one-shots and West Marches style gameplay.

Development of Dungeons of Dekkom is ongoing, with no set date for a final release – our plan is to release the game in chunks as it's made. This release will include 16 of the 48 classes, a selection of monsters, and an adventure that scales based on the number of players. After that, each release will add 8 more classes, more monsters, and at least one additional adventure.


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I am intrigued. Will love to see where this is going from here.