Dungeons of Dekkom Relaunch!

Dungeons of Dekkom has been relaunched!

This new version of the game is entirely GMless, now focusing on playing through prewritten adventures. It's drawing inspiration from campaign and Legacy style boardgames as much as it is from old RPGs - and it's perfect for both a dedicated campaign, or as something to play when someone can't show up to game night.

This current version has 24 of our planned 48 classes, and an adventure path to get you started! More classes and more adventures will be released soon!

You can support further development of Dungeons of Dekkom at our patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dekkom


DungeonsOfDekkom Basic Rules v0_1.pdf 621 kB
Jan 03, 2022
DungeonsOfDekkom Dungeon Crafters Guide v0_1.pdf 536 kB
Jan 03, 2022
DungeonsofDekkom Heroes Handbook v0_1.pdf 4 MB
Jan 03, 2022
BW - Beneath Wrenthamshire.rar 23 MB
Jan 03, 2022

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