v1.0.1 Update and Playbook Template

Beneath a Cursed Moon v1.0.1 update is now live! There's no mechanical changes in this one - just some "bug fixes" of certain formatting not showing up how it was supposed to. This applies to the full book and the playbook document.

In addition, I've now provided a playbook template to create your own playbooks to match the cursed moon format, as well as advice on designing your own playbooks.


Beneath_Cursed_Moon_Full_v1.0.1.pdf 7 MB
Jan 25, 2022
Beneath_Cursed_Moon_Playbooks_v1.0.1.pdf 3 MB
Jan 25, 2022
Beneath_Cursed_Moon_Playbook_Template.odt 82 kB
Jan 25, 2022

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