v0.3 Update

Hello everyone! Beneath a Cursed Moon is now over 1 year old, and I could not possibly be happier with its success. Despite being a fully Pay What You Want game, with significant art costs, it's now made about $40, and has over 1200 downloads of the core book, which is more than I ever expected!

One big question I wanted to answer was people asking about the v0.X thing - asking if I considered the game a beta. Not really! I wanted to save v1.x for a physical release, if that were to ever happen, so the actual hard copy started at "version 1". I had originally planned on doing so, but it doesn't quite seem likely now - it's still something in the back of my mind, however.

But now, most importantly, based on player feedback, I've made some updates to several moves and playbooks, captured below. There's also been a lot of typo corrections, which aren't listed.

-Some minor modifications to the introduction.

-Battle move's choice for dealing +1 Harm is made more obvious

-The Interview question "What is someone hiding" changed to "What are the people I'm talking to really feeling about someone or something?" to be less dominating.

-The Lore questions "What type of creature was it" and "What is it capable of/weak to" merged together.

-The sample astral magic "dreamlike haze" now reduces the next harm you take by 1, instead of reducing it by 1 for a turn.

-Ritual Sorcery requirements for multiple casters have been eased up (no longer requiring a roll), and added in a new fragile option.

-Champion's "Mind Like an Empty Book" clarified to not stack.

-Dreamer's "Lure of the Moon" changed from only suffering from the first combat sorcery drawback each scene to ignoring the first each scene.

-Dreamer's "Zeal of Devotion" now gives its penalty until you've made X sorcery rolls, instead of rolled under 10 on any X rolls.

-Fiend's bonus stats changed to +3, +2, +0.

-Fiend's Fury clarified to not stack.

-Scholar's Bumbling can now be used to reduce the harm of an attack by 2.

-Vampire's base +1 given to Poke Around/Hunt is now reassignable

-Vampire's Sanguine Strength now works until your blood points drop to 0.

-Warlock's Know Your Pain has been removed, and replaced with Command Elements.

-Warlock's Metamorphosis now works on Sacrifice Holds, instead of a roll.

-Werewolf heavily changed. You no longer go berserk, and are instead limited in the moves you can take.

-Werewolf's Control changed to have a -1 Ongoing at 5 harm instead of 4.

-Werewolf's Close Friends and Memento abilities removed

-Werewolf now has two new abilities: Moon's Child and Silver Sorcerer

-Werewolf's Animal Magnetism now allows Interviewing of wolves and dogs while in beast form.


Beneath_Cursed_Moon_Full_v0.3.pdf 28 MB
Feb 15, 2020
Beneath_Cursed_Moon_Playbooks_v0.3.pdf 22 MB
Feb 15, 2020
Beneath_Cursed_Moon_Moves_v0.3.pdf 83 kB
Feb 15, 2020

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