v1.0 Update

This update has a few things I want to address before going into the small details. Because this update changes some major things, I've kept the previous version (v0.3) available for now, although they will be removed sometime in the future.


My tabletop work has a patreon now! You can find it at https://www.patreon.com/dekkom . While it's primarily focused around Dungeons of Dekkom, my current ongoing project, any support will mean other projects like this one are more likely to happen.

Monster Art!

Beneath A Cursed Moon now has amazing monster art done by Tianna Belcher. You can check more of her amazing art out at: https://www.instagram.com/tiannabelcherart/

The version number

Beneath a Cursed Moon was my first real tabletop release. Originally, the idea was to give it a 0.X version number, and change to 1.X if I ever did POD printing of hardcopies. Now, it's pretty clear that's unlikely to happen, so I've just gone ahead and moved to version 1.0, because the previous numbering was causing confusion.

Wording changes

All through the book, the wordings of abilities have been cleaned up. Very little has actually changed in how things function, but wording has become more standardized, and more to the PBTA norm.

Warding expanded, emblems introduced

Now, any monster that has a weakness can be warded again - but it requires a special magical emblem tied to that weakness. This standardizes a lot of effects, and widens the use of powers that aid in warding away monsters.

Removal of "blessed" items

This is the big one - frankly, I was going to leave Beneath a Cursed Moon alone, but my feelings here have prompted this change. In all cases, any "blessed" or "holy" items, or any abilities or wording that suggest a the powers of religion. These have been replaced with "soulbound" items, which are weapons that are haunted or otherwise have a soul imbued or trapped within them. The purpose of this was to allow for settings that didn't have religion as a major focus - and to no longer force any real world religions to be "correct" in its setting.

Full changelog

Changes to wording entirely throughout the document in an attempt to standardize language used. "Rolling" and "turns" are no longer referenced, instead the proper "make a move" and "actions" are referred to instead

Blessed items have been removed, and replaced with soulbound items.

Warding tools have been expanded - there are now 4, one for each monster weakness, and can work on any monsters that have a weakness to that element.

The following changes were made to playbooks:

  • Champion's Turn Away Evil now produces one of the four warding tools once per adventure.
  • Champion's Leadership is now just +1 Forward instead of a +1 Ongoing for next action.
  • The Champion's "Religious Training" changed to "Strong Soul". Some changes to its effect in that it now provides bonuses that take the place of granted equipment.
  • Hunter's "Create Opening" now also grants its bonus if you successfully resist a monster's moves.
  • Hunter's "Unstoppable Pursuit" now lets you take 1 Harm always, instead of reducing Harm taken by 1.
  • The Necromancer's "Reaper" weapon is now soulbound.
  • Warlock's Command Elements has its 13+ bonus now reduce damage to allies by 2 instead of 1.

The following changes were made to monsters:

  • Merfolk armor changed from 1 to 1 (0 vs silver)
  • Scylla's dog heads changed to close instead of reach.
  • Spawn of the Depth's psychic wave clarified to require an action.
  • Cyclops armor changed from 2 to 3 (1 vs soulbound)
  • Imp armor changed from 0 to 1 (0 vs soulbound)
  • Siren armor changed from 1 to 1 (0 vs iron)
  • Ghost incorporeal now added onto armor so it can be warded against.
  • Skeleton and Bloody Skeleton changed from 3 Max Harm to 2, and changed from 0 armor to 1 (0 vs soulbound)
  • Skeleton Soldier armor changed from 1 to 1 (0 vs soulbound)
  • Homunculus is only weak against fire, not soulbound weapons.
  • Zombie armor changed to 1 (0 vs soulbound)


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Liking it! A few archetypes in the main rulebook have the wrong magics in the bonus table though, I think.  I could be wrong, but I think Werewolf and Warlock probably aren't supposed to start with necromancy. Not sure if any else in the main book or playbook are mismatched.

Thanks for the catch! I checked and it was just those two - they've been updated now.