v1.1.0 Update


Ishari’s “Big” trait now applies to all attacks, and not just weapons.

A line about the Lupostra being the first discoverers of the astral engine has been changed – the Skalriss discovered that technology first. 

Skalriss extra arms trait now clarifies the penalty only applies when performing multiple tasks.

 Active Dodge now applies to ALL attacks until your next turn, instead of just one. The Duelist ability Riposte’s text has been modified to fit this new wording (but has otherwise not changed in effect). 

Juggernaut’s Bulletproof used to ignore damage of 3 or less – now, it reduces the first source of wounds each round by 3. Bulletproof was just causing too many problems – it required other abilities or heavy armor to benefit from, it negated too much damage, etc. This new power is useful to all characters and much less of a headache. Added a small “Designing Encounters” section in Challenges.


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Aug 13, 2021

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