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66 Fantasy is a free experimental fantasy tabletop roleplaying game that was designed to clock in at 66 pages. This game assumes you basically know how fantasy roleplaying games go - it’s not really meant to be played, but is instead a collection of ideas to share that made more sense as a quasi game. 66 Fantasy, simply, is meant to be an attempt to prove that a Dungeons and Dragons clone can still have its inner core be crunchy, short, and sweet, and not be 600 pages long. It’s basically assuming you know what a roleplaying game is, how to run one, and isn’t really a full finished system on its own - think of it as a proof of concept for a bigger system. Which isn’t to say you couldn’t play it, because everything you’d actually need to play a game is here. I’ve wanted to do a “better D&D” basically forever, and starting small sketching out the skeleton seems like a good first step.

If it’s a proof of concept you’re interested in, let me know! If there’s enough interest, I can flesh this out more - but I don’t know who wants it! Also, if you want to use anything in this for your own game, go for it  - feel free to steal any part of this for your own, in idea, wording, or whatever. You have full legal right to do whatever you want with anything here. If you do, I’d sure like to know, and check out what you’ve done!

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I can't believe there's no more chatter about this. All of the classes (which is admittedly my favorite part of any game) are so well-defined and interesting. I also like the 4e-ish concept of 1dX+level or X*level as damage